Friday, February 24, 2012

Robert Hillingford: Military Artist

Charge of the Light Brigade by Robert Hillingford (1899)
Aged 26 at the time of Balaclava, Robert Alexander Hillingford was born 28 January 1828 in London. He studied like many did in Duseldorf, afterwards living and painting in Munich, Rome, Florence and Naples before marrying. Having been exhibited in St. Petersburg in the 1850’s he returned to London and continued with his previous success, being exhibited in the Royal Academy.
‘Sebastapol: the Attack on the Redan” by Robert Hillingford (1899)
Painting classical subjects in a classical manner, he turned his brush to the Battle of Balaclava in his ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ in 1899. He also produced ‘Sebastapol: the Attack on the Redan” the same year. Whilst more commonly covering the campaigns of the Spanish Succession and the Napoleonic Wars, Hillingford can perhaps be better described as an Historical artist with an impressionistic rather than technical approach to his subject. His painting provides a feel for the event far more than a reference for a technical hobbyist such as the miniature wargamer.

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