Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Current Limitations: Figure Availability

Presently I am in the research and purchasing phase of this project as far as resources and figure ranges allow. Whilst this campaign may have better leant itself to 15mm scale or similar, I don't seem capable of straying from my love of 28mm figures. At a 1:20 representative scale, this requires a significant financial outlay which for the first time in years I am in a position to indulge - at least to a point. The only thing holding me back (and that's a good thing) is the current limitation within this scale.

There are only four manufacturers which I am aware of who produce figures for this specific period - Great War Miniatures, Warlord Miniatures, Britania Miniatures and Wargames Foundry. As far a proportion, variety of poses and cost price is concerned, that combination of considerations for me leaves only two choices - Warlord and Great War. As at the time of posting, they are both ranges under development (at least I hope they still are) and I have hit a dead end.

Having bought or ordered the entire British Light Brigade and the 93rd Southern Highlanders and respective brigade, divisional and army command elements, the only ordnance items available to me at the moment are British 9pdr field artillery piece. The significant gaps in the allied range remain:

Heavy cavalry
24pdr howitzer (RA field artillery)
Royal Horse Artillery (6pdrs and 12pdr howitzers)
Artillery limbers - Field and Horse
12pdr naval guns and crew (for the redoubts)
Turkish Infantry

This is not a complaint. By the time I've built and painted up what I already have, it will be a long time until I'm running short or in need of more figures for the production line.

I have commenced a part purchase for some Russian opposition - namely the Northern Column under Colonel A P Skiuderi of the Odessa Regiment. For this, I will need four battalions of infantry (36 figures each), a rifle company, four units of Don Cossacks and a light field battery of 6pdrs and 9pdr licorns.

I have bought the Infantry minus rifles from Great War through North Star (as with all figures purchased thus far) but would you believe that even amongst the ranges I have rejected, no one is making my required Russian artillery?

Anyway, anyone with any influence with our supporting manufacturers might pass a couple of the above wants so collectively we can get the complete ranges 'operational'.

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