Sunday, March 10, 2013

MADE TO ORDER: Ebor Miniatures

It is with a good deal of enthusiasm and his permission that I pass on this new initiative from Nick Wragg of Ebor Miniatures. He and the team have come up with a sponsored sculpting roll-out of Crimean miniatures in 28mm based upon pledges from prospective buyers. I won't say much more until the end - I'll let Nick and his postings on TMP do the talking. I'm sure you will agree that the quality of the following sculpts are the best in the business.

"I have just received these pictures of the first greens for my Crimean war British infantry,starting with the command blister,these figures were sculpted by the very talented Aaron Brown who has done figures for Brigade models and the Quar for Zombie Smith,I hope you like the figures as much as I do,these are 28mm in scale and will be released when the centre company and flank company figures are done."


"What is the Crimean war Project, well it is a combo of the Eureka 100 club and a Kickstarter with a difference.
If you have seen our new British command greens on the 19th century products review page (above) you will know we are expanding our Crimean war range,the project is a way for customers to decide which figures get made first and receive the figures at trade price.
How it works,I will post lists of figures which have been requested by customers and a pledge target to get the figures made once the target is reached then the figures will be made,customers who pledged support will then have a month to purchase the figures for the amount pledged at trade price,65p for foot 1.65p for mounted,any figures after that will be at full price.
so if you pledge £33.00
pound you can get 20 mounted figures or 50 foot,customers cannot transfer pledges between figures you can only use the pledge you made on that set of figures.
Postage will be charged at cost.

The figures will be sculpted by Aaron Brown to match with Great War miniatures Crimean figures,once the first greens arrive I will post comparison pictures so you can see how well they fit.
Feel free to email me at or use the contact form on the site with pledges or requests for other figures to be made.
cheers Nick.
First project list.
French Chasseurs d'Afrique £1,500.00
French infantry storming the Malakof £1,800.00
Russian mounted Cossacks £1,800.00
Russian infantry charging £1,200.00
British Guards charging at the Alma
British 1st dragoons £1,500.00
British 2nd (scot's greys) dragoons £1,500.00
 So, very exiting times and I certainly hope as many people get behind this to made these lists and more besides a reality. I for one have pledged for 105 Turkish Infantry and 36 Chassuers d'Afrique. Please support this and see if we can't get some of the range gaps filled.


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