Sunday, January 12, 2014

My 13th Light Dragoons

Here is my 13th Light Dragoons for Balaclava, or to be precise, A and B squadrons (Troops A, B, D and E). This was almost my last unit painted for 2013 but turned out to be the first completed (to painted stage) for 2014.
I have to confess to knowing the least about this fine regiment of all the Light Brigade regiments that charged at Balaclava. For my army list I have included character references and modelling tips but for this regiment I have nothing special to note. I don't even know who took command of it on the day. The Troops were commanded (in order) by Captains Oldham, Jenyns, Goad and Tremayne.
Whilst described as light buff, the regimental facing are often referred to and depicted as effectively white in the field and on campaign - so white they are.
These are all Great War Miniatures which I have painted as they come with no conversions. I intend replacing future sabres with flattened steel wire but as these were done in my Tongan bungalow, I had to settle for filing the sabres as flat as I dared being without the required tools and anvil.
Unlike my 4th Light Dragoons, I used Humbrol enamel gold (No:16) for all lace. I am happy enough with the results but will return to my Citadel Colour for the three other regiments. Definition of the double breeches stripes and rank chevrons using the toothpick technique works better with the acrylics.
I will post an accompanying historical reference posting for the 13th as I have with the 4th. For completeness, once based I'll amend this post with the final photographs. Next on my list will be the 8th Light Dragoons (uniformed as hussars) for whom I require sculpting a wire haired terrier - should be quite the challenge.
When referring back to my army list (a work in progress) I imagined my regiments to be 16 figures strong with eight figure squadrons. Whilst more appealing visually, it just wasn't practicable when converting that representative troop scale to the Russian infantry.
As I deliberately left my SLR at home for my last two weeks in Tonga, these shots are taken with my trusty Canon PowerShot S70 in the daytime, under lamp lights with no flash, using portrait and macro settings.