Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Great War Miniatures Royal Scots Greys: Figure Review

CBC12 Officer - Command Pack
Well I've been waiting a while for Aly Morrison and Dave Andrews of Great War Miniatures to include the British Heavy Brigade in their expanding Crimean War range of 28mm figures. Released just prior to Christmas 2016, I rushed in my order through Nick Eyre's North Star Miniatures and I present my initial take on their Royal Scots Greys which I intend to paint immediately.
CBC11 Trooper

The Royal Scots Greys come in two packs - CBC11 comes with three troopers and CBC12 is the command pack containing an Officer, Trumpeter and a trooper.

In keeping with all of their cavalry, the figures present an integral rider and mount in one piece with only the sword arm to be fixed, completing the miniatures. This allows me to skip a step as I always fix my rider to their mounts prior to undercoating and painting for a better bond, so handling the whole model during painting is a trick long since mastered for me.
CBC12 reverse

As one might expect with brand new molds, the turned out figures are crisp and well defined. I know from personal experienced they paint up beautifully. All photos included in this review are as the figures came out of their packs without any cleaning or trimming. All casts are well aligned.

They are superbly proportioned to my eye. They have some beautifully observed details across the new additions to the range with the inclusion of the Grey's valises in the horse furniture as opposed to the British Dragoons Guards/Royals (CBC09 & 10) which will be the subject of a later review. The Greys were the only regiment so equipped when they shipped over to the Crimea ... so ten out of ten for observation in these sculpts. As with all regiments, the sabretache is absent as they were not taken on campaign.

In keeping with historical requirements and consistent with the rest of their range, these miniatures are sculpted in campaign dress. As opposed to the light cavalry, these Royal Scots Greys come with gauntlets. Certain details are not included - the cartridge boxes are plain for example and the trousers do not detail either the leg stripe or the leather cuffing at the bottom (the 'booted overall'). I personally have no issue with any of it which are easily incorporated through painting.
CBC12 Trumpeter

The trumpeter is blasting away on his bugle with his trumpet slung across his back. Unlike many sculpts out there, the bugle mouth is dished, which saves me unnecessary drilling. I observe that the trumpeter is the only figure who appears clean shaven, the remainder all having some form of beard or mustache. I find the bearskins for this regiment beautifully proportioned and detailed and when painted up on their grey mounts they will make a striking addition to the cavalry division. 
CBC Trumpeter reversed

There are four different poses for the various mounts and all are in movement. With alternating sword arms and careful manipulation of the rider's heads, an effective variety of positioning or posture can be achieved. One observation I would also make is that there is no difference in the size of the horses with that of their light cavalry brethren which might account for in-field remounts but otherwise a minor oversight. Sword arms come in two positions, bent or straight armed.
CBC11 Trooper
One observation I would also make and that is that these figures follow the universal practice of casting the horses reins in one solid piece where they meet beneath the horses head. This may be a simple casting necessity as I've never seen it done otherwise but I'd love to see this overcome one day if it's ever possible.

I have stated in my previous review of the Great War Miniatures Light Dragoon range that Morrison and Andrews are on a winning combination with their range and I have no reason to change my endorsement. They remain simply the best looking and sculpted Crimean War 28mm figures available today. The Heavies have certainly been well worth waiting for. Keep a look out for my completed Royal Scots Greys which will be under way very shortly.


  1. Thanks for the review. This makes my decision to add the heavies to my Crimean collection an easy one...it will happen soon!

  2. Superb review, thank you. I had spied their release, but not weakened sufficiently to place my order - this might have tipped me over the edge.