Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Scots Greys

I can't recall the last time I bought a new release and painted them so quickly before these wonderful Great War Miniatures Scots Greys ... but here they are.
They are as finished as they are going to be until I have built the Balaclava battlefield for them at which time I will know precisely how I will texture their bases for a complete match.

I elected to include painting on the trouser cuffs which is detail not etched onto the sculpts. I achieved a perfect cloth of gold for the leg stripe by mixing Humbrol Gold with Humbrol Yellow but it was significantly muted after the matte spray coat. Next time (if I remember) I'll add that afterwards as I have with the other metallics. 
Collar tabs and valise regiment numbers are also options I opted to include. I'm not completely sold on the valise results but then they'll never be seen with as much scrutiny with the naked eye as they are through the wonders of macro digital photography.
This time I photographed these chaps with a home build light box - don't really know why I never made one up til now but there are some beautiful instructional videos available on-line so I got on with it and knocked up a very effective piece in under an hour. I will never need so worry about the time of day again.
The lighting I used; however, needs some attention. You can clearly see the effects of the yellow or soft light on these shots - I'll see what results white will yield. My swords have a shining silver edge over the shining steel but that definition has been obscured under the lighting I have used.
I have decided on the basing convention for my cavalry (finally) with a 20mm frontage per trooper with sufficient depth to properly accommodate the sculpts. I allow for the Commander to be a full length in front of the front rank with the Trumpeter half a length after him.
The only modelling detail I left out for these Dragoons was depicting the Major bare headed. You'll just have to imagine my Scots Greys as a snap shot in time just prior to that episode in their charge with the Heavy Brigade. Anyway, I hope I've done these wonderful figures some justice.
I've painted a lot of cavalry over the past year between my Lewes and Papellotte projects so I'm taking another break and going back to some Napoleonic infantry.