Saturday, January 14, 2017

Shades of Grey: Horsecolours

It seems that I've painted more cavalry of one sort or another in the last year than ever before. I remember when I thought horse painting a chore and something to get through - being more interested in the riders than their mounts. Not so these days. With plentiful resources on horse flesh at my disposal and of course in the age of the internet, I have become far more involved in painting my horses which in a uniformed regiment present more individually than the troopers they carry.

I have indulged myself in breaking up the Scots Greys into divergent colour schemes, or rather different types of 'greys'. I referred to my handy JPEG colour chart for horses and broke my regimental representation of twelve cavalry figures into four groups of three.
This first image is of the Flea Bitten Grey group. I'm hoping it is a subtle build up of layering lightening greys over a base coat mid-grey with mottling white and a final highlighting of white over that.
This second image represents my Rose Grey trio and one of the more interesting schemes to paint. I tinged the blends of my greys with wet highlights of lightened ochre, dappling over the top and white dry brushing the highlights. I was also pleased to muck about with a darker lower leg scheme.
This third image represents the classic and perhaps least interesting group of standard Grey (or white horses). On the upside, they were the simplest colour scheme to paint.
The last image is that representing the Dappled Greys. One of my favourite schemes and certainly the most complex to achieve, it comprises a series of alternating dark and mid-grey patches with extensive dappling and white dry brushing highlights. I'm hoping they will really come alive as a group is mixed and based for the charge.

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